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Proper coolant flow is essential to all vehicles operations. When coolant flow is inhibited for any reason failure of crucial engine components can occur from extreme overheating. To help eliminate the failures of some common components due to overheating Grizzly Air is proud to be introducing its new line of products. Most in the diesel service industry know how common it is to replace EGR coolers and oil coolers multiple times throughout the use of a vehicles life. Destined to fail because of poor designs these components just aren’t made to last.

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Part # Application Cross Part # Years Used Notes
GA100 CUMMINS ISX ENGINES 2881783NX, 4956008NX, 4089436NX 2002-2006 Generation 1 EGR Cooler. Gaskets Included
GA102 CUMMINS ISX ENGINES 2881747NX, 2881784NX, 4309398RX, 4309398NX 2007-2009 Generation 2 EGR Cooler. Gaskets Included
GA103 CUMMINS ISM ENGINES 4089380NX 2002-2006 Cooler is hex shaped. No Gaskets Included
GA105 CUMMINS ISM ENGINES 4955469NX 2007-2010 Cooler is round shaped. No Gaskets Included
GA106 CUMMINS ISBe ENGINES 4946088 Various Gaskets Included
GA107 Cummins 5.9L ENGINES 4089256NX Various Gaskets Included
GA108 Cummins 6.7L ENGINES 68026996AA 2007-2008 Original OEM design. Gaskets Included
GA109 Cummins 6.7L ENGINES 53041182AA, 68003399AA., 68048991AA 68048988AA 2009-2011 New Design. Gaskets Included
GA200 DETROIT DIESEL SERIES 60 ENGINES - 2 Bolt 23533179, 23535180, 23533985 Various 2 Bolt EGR Gaskets Included
GA201 DETROIT DIESEL SERIES 60 ENGINES - 3 Bolt E23535288, 23538835 Various 3 Bolt EGR Gaskets Included
GA300 FORD POWERSTROKE 4.5L ENGINES 1846757C92 2006-2007 (Lower Cab Forward) No Gaskets Included
GA301 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.0L ENGINES 3C3Z9P456B 2003 UP TO 9/22/2003 f-series Requires GA 309K Intake Gasket Kit No Gaskets Included Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY
GA304N FORD POWERSTROKE 6.0L ENGINES 4C3Z9P456AJ 2004-2007 f SERIES 2004-2010 E series Gaskets Included Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY
GA314 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.4L ENGINES 8C3Z9P456A 2008-2010 F SERIES Vertical EGR Cooler. Gaskets Included
GA400 GENERAL MOTORS 6.6 L Vin#2 LLY, Vin#D LBZ 97303654 2004.5-2007 SILVERADO, SIERRA Gaskets Included
GA401 GENERAL MOTORS 6.6 L Vin#2 LLY 97358507, 8973585071 2006-2007 SILVERADO, SIERRA, KODIAK Gaskets Included
GA402 GENERAL MOTORS 6.6 L Vin#6 LMM 98034351, 98002368 2007-2010 SILVERADO, SIERRA No Gaskets Included
GA403 GENERAL MOTORS 6.6 L ENGINES Vin#6 LMM 8980064853, 98034354 2007+ EXPRESS, SAVANA If OEM cooler doesn’t use sensors GM# 94015392 (Plugs) will be needed. Gaskets Included
GA404 GENERAL MOTORS 6.6 L ENGINES Vin#6 LMM 98042441 2007-2009 TOPKICK, KODIAK Gaskets Included
GA500 MERCEDES BENZ MBE904 ENGINES 9041420479 Various Gaskets Included
GA501 MERCEDES BENZ MBE906 ENGINES 9061421179 Various Gaskets Included
GA502 MERCEDES BENZ MBE4000 ENGINES DDE/EA 4601420679 Various No Gaskets Included
GA503 MERCEDES BENZ MBE4000 ENGINES A4601421079 Various No Gaskets Included
GA300 NAVISTAR VT275 ENGINES 1846757C92 2006 No Gaskets Included
GA301 NAVISTAR VT365 ENGINES 2002.5-2003 Requires GA 309K Intake Gasket Kit- No Gaskets Included
GA304N NAVISTAR VT365 ENGINES 1845145C97 2004-2006 Gaskets Included
GA600FX NAVISTAR DT466E ENGINES 1842590C93, 1871733C95 2004-2006 11 1/2” Square shape - Fixed Fitting Gaskets Included
GA601FX DT466E, HT570, DT570 NAVISTAR ENGINES 1842589C93, 1832540C94 2004-2007 17” Square shape-Fixed / Non Fixed Fitting Gaskets Included
GA602FX NAVISTAR DT466E ENGINES 1832542C91, 1832542C94 2004-2009 21” Square shape-Fixed Fitting Gaskets Included
GA603N NAVISTAR DT466E ENGINES 1871733C95, 1848258C92 2006-2008 11½” Round shape Gaskets Included
GA604N NAVISTAR maxforce dt / 9 / 10 ENGINES 1876261C98, 7090595C91 2008+ Exhaust side. Gaskets Included
GA605N NAVISTAR maxforce dt / 9 / 10 ENGINES 1876262C95, 4307362R91 2008+ Intake side. Gaskets Included
GA700 VOLVO D12D ENGINES 85110346 2002-2006 Comes with the reed valve. Gaskets Included
GA701 VOLVO D12D ENGINES 85110346 2002-2006 Does not include Reed Valve. Gaskets Included


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