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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves
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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves

Our quality replacement EGR valves are built to outlast original equipment products to help prevent constant replacements. With Grizzly Air EGR Valves you can maintain the emissions standards that ensure your vehicle's performing at its maximum potential.

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Part # Application Cross Part # Years Used Notes
GA101N CUMMINS ISX ENGINES 4955422RX 2002-2006 Generation 1 ISX EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA104N CUMMINS ISM ENGINES 4955421RX 2002-2007 Generation 1 ISM EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA110N CUMMINS ISX ENGINES 4955969NX 2008-2010 EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA202N VOLVO ENGINES 20506894, 20704284, 20764334, 20865398, 21001173, 85000785, 85000816, 85000908, VPT21001173RM 2003-2009 EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA302 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.0L ENGINES 4C3Z9F452A, CX2056, 1846490C91, 1846491C91 2002.5-2003 Early Model, EGR Valve. No Gaskets Included
GA305 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.0L ENGINES 5C3Z9F452AA, CX2020 2004-2010 Late Model, EGR Valve. No Gaskets Included
GA504N MERCEDES ENGINES RA4601420419 2003-2007 EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA610N INTERNATIONAL ENGINES 1842593C91 2003-2006 EGR Valve. Gaskets Included
GA611N INTERNATIONAL ENGINES 1873842C92, 1875808C1, 1878918C1, 1878918C2 2007-2011 EGR Valve. Gaskets Included


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